Serenbe Stables

horse + human + heart

Serenbe Stables is a 501c3 dedicated to rehabilitating humans and horses.

OUTREACH programs


Our heart and soul at Serenbe Stables is to create a positive interaction and foster forever relationships between horse and human.  Our Serenbe Strides Outreach program partners with fellow nonprofits who have children in group homes. Together, we bring children to our barn on a regular basis for lessons that start with the basics and progress to riding.  They learn horse care, horsemanship, safe riding techniques, respect, boundaries and responsibility; but the ultimate goal in this program is for the child to experience the deep unconditional love of the equus. Many of these children have powerful responses to rescued horses, proving that everyone has the right to a safe and loving place.

If your nonprofit is interested in becoming a Strides Outreach partner, please contact us

rescue + Rehabilitate + Reconnect

We believe everyone has the right to love and be loved. This particular program saves one horse a year from a kill lot and gives them a second chance at a healthy and fulfilling life at Serenbe Stables. Once they arrive here, they meet with our veterinarian who develops a comprehensive rehabilitation protocol. Rescued horses also have energy work done and are adjusted by a chiropractor. Over time, they are introduced to the other residents, trained and integrated into our outreach programs.  Since our opening we have rescued four horses; each as grown to be an integral member of our horse and human family. Learn more about our rescue herd below.

Daisy Mae

Daisy is 7 years old and a special gal as she was our first rescue that launched our R+R+R program.  She's a halflinger pony cross with paint coloring. Both high energy and super sweet this lead mare can also be an 'in your pocket' pony. Daisy is quite athletic; she loves to show off her jumping skills and speed. Nothing gets by her, though- she's a smarty pants and a quick learner.


Our newest rescue, Trillium Sport Horses of Florida partnered with us to bring Chihuly home to our stables. Standing at 16.2, he's a OTTB gelding born in 2008. His registered name is Glass Art but we think the name of the glass artists, Chihuly, is more fitting his personality.  He's already showing excellent potential as a lesson and program horse. With a little more training and few more pounds, he's sure to be the new favorite in the barn. 


Poca was an 18-year old miniature horse who was part of a trio rescued from a kill lot. She was very sweet and personable and did a lot of our junior lessons. During her time with us, we nursed her back to strong health. After sustaining a fatal injury, she is now in Heaven. Her memory lives on with our many young riders she taught. 


A sweet paint, he came as part of a trio we rescued from a kill lot. Originally we were told he was a pony, but upon his arrival we realized he was actually a young horse.  At only 3 years old, he is living off-campus with some of our retired horses. When his bones are fully developed at about the age of 4, we will start working with him. 


The last of the trio we rescued from a kill lot, Seminole is a 15 year old Appaloosa. She was severely malnourished, ill, covered in fungus, and nearly hairless. After six months of intense rehabilitation, we restored her to health as much as possible.  She arrived with intense nerve damage that we noticed during her chiropractic sessions and decided that she should not be riden. Our beautiful girl connected with a family who loves her unconditionally, who celebrates what she can do, and lives with them on their farm nearby.