Serenbe Stables

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Serenbe Stables is a 501c3 dedicated to rehabilitating humans and horses.

Stable Services


In order to meet our client's needs, we offer 2 levels of boarding care (self and full) and training. In addition, through our quest to provide holistic horsecare, we offer resources for reiki energy work, equine massage, chiropractics and all natural products upon request. In order to maximize the quality we offer our horses, we keep our number of residents to a minimum.  All horses receive a minimum of 12 hours turnout and we do our absolute best to make sure horse and owner are happy.

Full Board: $800/month

Includes: daily feeding, cleaning, turnout, shavings, water, hay, stall, locker.  3 hrs of ride time per week suggested.  Training available for $55/hr.  

Self Care Board: $500/month

Includes: hay, grain, water, shavings. turnout.  Owner responsible for all daily care and turning out.

We are currently on a waitlist for boarding.  Please email for more information and to get your name on the list!


Leasing is a great option for people who want to enjoy a horse without owning it. We offer partial and full leases.

Partial Lease: $400/ month

Includes: use of our tack, 2 days during which you can ride, groom, spend time with your horse.  Not required to pay for farrier or vet. Riding time to be scheduled on designated day in advance.

Full Lease: $1,000/ month

Includes: full board, full access to your horse, stall in, and locker. 6 month commitment required. Does not include farrier, vet or tack. 3 hrs of ride time required per week; horse training available for $55/hr.

horse overnights

Whether you want to stay at Serenbe and bring your horse to ride on the trails, stay over on the way to your destination or participating in nearby eventing…..We offer overnights to meet your and your horses needs!  We offer a daily rate which allows your horse to be happy while you are dining, at the spa or shops.  When you are ready to ride, your horse is here for you!

We are currently taking stall reservations.  To reserve, please email  

Serenbe stables pasture

Boarding Forms:

Please email us for copies of the required release forms.