Serenbe Stables

horse + human + heart

Serenbe Stables is a 501c3 dedicated to rehabilitating humans and horses.


As of 1/1/2019, Serenbe Stables will be operating as an LLC under new management and serving as a boarding facility for Serenbe and surrounding communities.

Our 501c3 rescue and EAA outreach programs will move and continue at our new location, Wild Fern Ranch, just down the road. Please call 404-545-4171 for details!

Mission Statement

serenbe stables

Horses have an amazing ability to restore the human spirit and bring us back to our core. Serenbe Stables is a place for human and equine souls to connect with one another. Our mission is to connect horses and humans in a positive way. We work to improve lives and enrich hearts, promote healing and growth of the soul through education, encouragement and experience: horse + human + heart. 

Take a moment to listen to an interview with Grace, who explains what we do at the Stables, and why we are so passionate about our work. 

Grace Aldridge


Grace moved to Chattahoochee Hills, GA for a different and better quality of life for husband, herself and their 5 young children.  A passion for serving, a lifelong love for horses and dedication to acting in faith led her to open Serenbe Stables.  Opening as a non-profit, the vision was and always will be to connect humans and horses in a positive way, every time.  With a barn full of horses, dogs, a cat, children, adults and an amazing team, Grace is busy, dirty and a proud mama of one special place.  

"Hold my hand in childlike trust and the way before you will open up step by step."